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Vintage 79
Range: Vintage 79 Hydractive, Sweet Relief, Energy Source, Puractive. 16yrs - 100yrs
Skin : All types
Cost $80
Vintage 79 delivers key ingredients for all the most common skin concerns, used as a building block for more advanced skin treatments Vintage 79 is a perfect range for nurturing and maintanence of the skin.
Range: Primaluce
Skin. Dull, Sun Damaged, impure.
Cost $86.
An enlivening treatment which leaves skin smoother, youthful and more luminous. Utilising nanostructes and new generation A.H.A's & P.H.A's , this delux treatment provides a cosmetic action leaving the skin more supple, clear and blemish free. The long lasting P.H.A's penetrate more slowly to rumble up any pigmentation that is caused by U.V. damage.
Range: Supreme Lift Q10 filler.
Skin: Dry, Dehydrated, atonic and slack. 30- 50 yrs
Tighten, Fill & Lift.
A super Deluxe treatment providing multidirectional, tightening, filling and lifting effects without surgery. The treatment enhances the beauty of the face by defining the profile of the face and neck, firming the skin and providing deep hydration. Skin functions are repaired. The result is a marked likfting effect, a reshaped face which is radiant, yoned and moisturised. THe range contains Filling polymers, antarrctic Glycoproteins,Q10, Patch mask and Nanostuctes that deliver all essential ingredients.
Range: Revillace .
Skin: Skin needing protection from environmental damage and internal neglect. All skin types 18 -30 yrs
Antioxidant Shield
Cost $145
A luxurios antioxidat treatment that captures free radicals. The treatment creates a Global antioxydat shield and enhances youth by utilizing the most precious antioxydant of the millenium. Skin is protected, reinforced and luminous. Reviance uses nanostructures and a radical scavenger to deliver 5 powerful anti oxydants and Vit C. 
Range: Seductage 3D
Skin: Mature 45+yrs All skin types even the most delicate.
Relaxing, Volumisingand Restructuring.
A restorative treatment using 27 active ingredients which act against skin aging in three dimension. The treatment corrects the signs of time without the need for invasive surgery. The range uses next generation ingredients and Nanostructures.
Range: Details Of Beauty
Skin: All skins, specific for mature, tone-less and tired skin.
To enhance the most precious features of the face.
  Eye Treatment Cost $66
Details Facial Cost $120
Details of Beauty uses the most up to date Plant Stem Cell technology derived from the Swiss apple tree, caviar and Retinol. This new millenium product not only smooth the skin but also replicates skin cells lost to age and neglect.
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Bioline Jato
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